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What Makes Shoebby Different
Can I buy Shoebby in any retail stores?
  Currently our products are NOT available in retail stores yet.   Only on our site
Do you ship outside USA?
  Yes we do.  We have partnered with "International Check-Out" to assist you with your overseas delivery.
How high can I stack the boxes?
  As high as you can reach in your closet!
How many pairs of shoe can I put in Shoebby box?
  One pair per box.  Sideways or side by side for low heels.  We also have larger boxes and stiletto boxes for high heel shoes.
How strong is Shoebby if they are shipped flat packed?

Each assembled Shoebby box can withstand up to 40 lbs. of weight on top! Shoebby boxes are more than strong enough for your delicate shoes and more…

I am interested in being a reseller.
  Please contact us at
I am interested in private branding for my shoe store or shoe company
  Please contact us at for more detail.
I have not received my orders yet after 10 days.

Please email us at with your order detail.  We will track and respond to you ASAP!        

Shoebby comes flat. Is assembly easy?
  Our Shoebby boxes are shipped flat like gift boxes to save shipping cost.  Each order comes with assembly instruction sheet.
What is Shoebby made out of? Is it acrylic?
  No. It's not acrylic.  Shoebby is made out of high quality environmentally friendly and recyclable plastics called PET.  It's the same clear plastics used in small water bottles.  Shoebby is slightly flexible yet not harsh and hard like acrylics plastic.
What is your shipping lead time?
  Most orders are shipped with 1 or 2 business days.  All orders are shipped from our Torrance, California via UPS service.   It usually takes about 5 business days for east coast destinations.
What makes Shoebby different from other clear shoe boxes?

It’s the quality!   We only use the highest quality clear plastics called PET for its best transparency.  So don’t waste your money on cheap imitation boxes that are thin, flimsy and frosty.   There is reason why they are cheap.

What types of Shoebby boxes do you have?

We have two styles:  A common lid top and an easy pull out drawer box.   

Why is a Shoebby drawer design better than other front open style boxes?

Shoebby boxes are made out of highest quality clear plastic materials for its transparency.  You can simply pull the pair you want without disturbing or unstaclinging the boxes.  Other imitation box require you to open the front fout flaps that must be kept locked all all times in order for the box to stay intack or it will buckle.  Furthermore, their frosty white plastics makes content invisible.