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The Difference is Clear!
Whether you found us by internet searching or by referral like thousands of other customers,
you have come to the right place to solve your never ending shoe storage problem.  
1.   Are you looking for a "really" clear shoe box that you can see thru without opening those lids?
2.   You want to access the right pair of shoes without unstacking the whole shoe stacks?
3.   You want a quality product worth your money and time?
Our Shoebby is the original U.S. patented collapsible 100% clear shoe box with or without individual drawers.  Shoebby is designed to ship compact and flat just like gift boxes but each assembled box is strong enough to supports even a 40 lbs. cement block (see the actual photo).  Shoebby is more than strong enough for all your beautiful and delicate designer shoes and more......
So don't waste your money on imitation boxes that are made out of cheap,  flimsy and frosty plastics and does not even have drawers.  There is simply no comparison and we are the original inventor after all !  
Life is short and you only live once.  Buy more shoes and don't forget Shoebby to protect your shoes! 
Thank you and as we always say "Shoebby" doo bee doo and have a ncie day!


Shoebby is a registered trademark of The Clear Shoe Box Company and Shoebby is protected under several  U.S. utility and design patents. (US Pat. No. 7249674 and more)   All right reserved. 2012